Dear Blogger,
We've had some great times together.
You were there when I was suffering from MySpace withdrawal back in early '07.
You were there for me when I got 6 hits a week despite passable exceptional content.
You continued to woo me with new features and interesting widgets.
You didn't leave when I went weeks without posting.

Unfortunately I've grown up now and I can't stay with a format whose design options seem so... Miley Cyrus.  You will always be my first host but in order for us both to grow, we must move on.  Please don't cry... much.  Goodbye.



  1. So your new blog is...? Or you are just too cool for this all together?

  2. I thought I was ready but I'm still messing around with the new one. Actually I have 2 nearly identical ones that I'm trying to decide between. I'll link to the them both later tonight I think.


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