I'm changing teams

Our return to Colorado has ushered in a lot of changes.

Some are big - a house we haven't occupied in almost 2 years (which is currently without heat in sub-freezing temperatures), a new job (hopefully soon).

Some are small - new phone numbers, a new email address, etc.

To accompany these changes I am making a clean break from Blogger.

I have set up and begun to manage 2 separate sites (only 1 of which I'll keep) on a Wordpress account and have thus far been very impressed. Primarily, the design is better than anything I've seen for Blogger by a country mile (that's the first time I've ever typed that saying... it's kind of clunky in print). The features a similar but a little slicker and the dashboard is far superior - offering traffic tracking, a quick post feature and easier photo posting. I also won't miss Safari not being able to post URLs in the link boxes in Blogger publisher.

It's hard to see on these pictures (because Blogger won't let me resize them larger like Wordpress does) but here are screen shots of the 2 that I'm working with at the moment.

If you have an opinion on which design you like, leave a comment.

This blog will still be active for a while until I settle on a final Wordpress version.


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