New blog input please!

Yesterday I vowed that I would give links to the 2 options for new blog designs that I created this weekend as a replacement for this one.  I imported all my previous posts and comments from here onto both and have played with the formats enough to show basically what the sites would look like after the transition.

They have 2 different addresses, which I am also trying to decide between.

#1 is www.coloradogaws.wordpress.com and it's a 3 column set up.  I like the design but the 3 columns makes the widgets really skinny, especially for Twitter and Recent comments.

#2 is www.coloradomatty.wordpress.com.  It's only 2 columns which makes it seem less crowded.  It also has a new Wordpress only post that I did from my phone (a huge plus in using Wordpress over Blogger).

Be sure to notice that both have tabbed pages across the top which can be edited, stacked (ie. one tab can contain other pages 'nested' underneath), added or removed to provide easier

Check it out and let me know which you prefer and any recommendations you might have for improving either version.  Commenting is mandatory.


  1. I like coloradogaws.wordpress better. I don't know why, the formating is just better and easier to read.

  2. Well, that leaves with a vote for each. Tommy liked the less cluttered feel of the coloradomatty one.

  3. definitely coloradomatty! it looks muuuuuuuch better! coloradogaws is way too crowded!

  4. So I like the look of coloradogaws much better, but I do like the double column thing better. I'm a fan of the tabs and I like the name coloradogaws better. So essentially you need to have the look of coloradogaws (looks less juvenile) with 2 columns on the right and tabs at the top at the address of http://coloradogaws.wordpress.com/ oh and with the header from coloradomatty. How is that for voting?

  5. I'm adaptable. I'll get used to either one.

  6. Ok, so we have 2 votes for each theme (to simplify Meghan's input into one opinion) and one person (Paul) who basically abstains. I'm gonna have to get more votes before I can make a decision.

    And Meghan, while there are people who can do marvelous, wonderful things in writing Wordpress themes, I am not one of those. What you see is what you get. I can add page elements and more tabs but the rest is pretty much set.

  7. Coloradomatty for sure. The other one isn't bad, but the clutter makes it less appealing.


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